OTOQUAL Contract Management

Contract Management Platform For Enterprise.

          Managing contracts is often a complex part of business. It's very difficult to get full visibility of contracts, track renewals and expiries, waiting for review and approvals all this cause to loss of time, money and missed opportunity and milestones.

          OCM Contract management platform automates contract lifecycle from drafting, reviews and approvals of contracts to get it signed from all stake holders.

          You can find all contract information at single place like contract approvers, renewals, supporting document, obligation and task, products or services in contract and all other related matters to the contract like other linked contracts, linked legal case and legal notices, so you can get 360 degree view of your contract.

          The ability of version management helps you to compare different contract version on click on button.If you can't find the contract you may as well have ripped it up. Your contract documents are kept safely in the database so that you always know where to find them when you need them. Contract management has ability to store multiple documents per contract means you can keep multiple versions of the same contract document. No more time wasted searching for documents, and no more embarrassing calls to the other party to ask if they can send you a copy of your contract.

          The OCM contract management platform provides centralized contract repository so you can have single source of truth and can quickly access your contract from anywhere.

          Real-time dashboard helps you to get quick details of pending contracts, upcoming renewals, expiries, assign tasked and more.

          Centralized contract information enables you to run analytics on your data and get deep insights to make strategic business decisions.Contract Management stakeholders, such as CFO, General Council or Procurement can easily achieve visibility across all contracts to manage risks and opportunities.Contract management application gives 360 degree view of contract cycle time, upcoming expiry, upcoming renewals, procurement metrics to analyse spending and sales metrics to analyse revenue. Helps executive team to get quick insight of all contracts of organisation and to make decision.

          It's Built in alert and notification system reminds you when it's time to take action on renewals, expiries and on any other important dates.

          OCM Contract management platform helps your team to work more efficiently, achieve compliance, find new opportunities for sales, terminate redundant contracts and save time and money.